The presentation

So after 12 weeks spent on Thursday evenings participating in class it was finally time to present “Who’s watching us”. I really enjoyed the module and thought it was a very nice change from ordinary lectures. It was engaging to discuss topics and express each others opinions throughout the course of the module. I was happy with the route we took for our presentation but felt it could have been better put together, unfortunately the slides didn’t work on the board perfectly even after having them working several other times. It was amazing to find out I could place the google slides document we had created onto a board in the game.

I really found it interesting to listen to others opinions on the internet and social media. I can now see my opinion on sharing content and privacy to be more important than before personally. I used to make YouTube videos when I was younger and gained a significant following to start earning money off it. I decided to private all those old videos as they were to do with gaming and I’ve grown out of that stage but still a lot of my videos remain online on other channels. This meant I gathered quite a large following on social media. At one stage I had over 20,000 followers on Twitter which is crazy. I still get people messaging me about promotions and wanting to buy my twitter account but I refuse because it’s nice to have that piece of me that I used to commit so much time to years ago. I didn’t really want to discuss my online presence in the class because I have gone past the stage of having a large foot print to now wanting a smaller one. I can relate to the point somebody made that people shouldn’t judge you from your online profile. So many people now live online and want the feeling of being accepted through social media likes and so on. This for me is far less important than it’s ever been. I post regularly on Instagram but it’s mainly for myself to document photo’s and work I have done so I can look back in the future and say oh wow I remember this what a great project this was and so on. I still have all of my old YouTube videos and sometimes enjoy going back through them remembering where I was and what I was doing at the time I made it, I think I have over 100 videos in total. I still use my YouTube channel to post experimental videos of motion graphics or short films that I created. I made a video of my 3 month holiday in Canada which now has nearly 8,000 views which is crazy all because I shared it on reddit. To this day I still have people commenting saying how much they enjoyed the video so in some aspect it is nice to share work online and I think that I will continue to do it. I don’t really care what people think of me online it’s a completely false world if you let it be, that’s why it’s hard to take information from the internet seriously. Anyone can edit a Wikipedia page so that just shows you. After reflecting on my thoughts about the online world I feel I should have talked about my experience online during my presentation because I feel a lot of people would be shocked to know I used to run a channel with over 500,000 subscribers, it’s a strange world.

In terms of the presentation I was happy with it but I can see that we were a few steps behind other groups. The standard was very high and I enjoyed listening to each one to see what twist they put on it.

Here is a link to our slides from the presentation:



Class 11 – final class

There seemed to be a lot of problems with people regarding voice this week. Several people had to re-log in order to get it working maybe there was something up with the server. I missed last week and forgot to read the class material I guess that’s what deadline week does to you. Over all we had a discussion about hashtags and what they are used for. It’s a new enough trend in social media but is growing in popularity. They help people to represent with a certain topic using one word and maybe to reach a wider audience, unless you’re famous as someone said in class. I think hashtags can be over done and this can mean they lack significance. I see load’s of people putting 20 hashtags on a post on Instagram they just become a blur then. I think it’s more of a common thing to see them on Instagram rather than twitter where they first gathered popularity. It’s a unique way of being able to categorize something. I did a job for someone who based their whole brand around a hashtag. It was interesting but overall I think it was just pointless to implement it into every bit of design work I did. It was just there and nobody really used it. So I think Hashtags have to be used carefully, I feel less is more when it come’s to them.

The group project is going well we have started to find some interesting information and now just have to start putting it together and writing a script. I was considering finding a way of using my computer to speak for me just to make it a bit more enjoyable and create a challenge of figuring out how to get it to work in Second life. The topic is interesting and I am enjoying how we are being allowed to put our own twist on it. This will mean everyone will produce a different presentation so they won’t be boring.

Class 9 Group project progress.

The group project is finally starting to make progress after several discussions through Facebook messenger. I came up with the idea of finding what other people with the same name’s as ourselves do. I think this is really interesting to find out what other Tom Campion’s are doing online and in their life. Will they have similar traits to me and just finding out who they are and what they do really interests me. We have decided to go down that route and also explore each other’s own online footprints. It was interesting to hear how the other groups were getting on, we still have to do more research but we are making progress. I just think we need to organise and plan the next few weeks better. I am interested to see what my other group members will find out about me online. I would consider myself having a large digital footprint from sharing work and just generally being active online.

After the class I decided to do some research into the name Tom Campion online. I found all sorts of people and some really interesting information on them. I came across an organisation founded by a Tom Campion that is trying to preserve natural landscapes. I think this is an incredible thing, here is a short video of the founder speaking about his philsophy and what the Campion Advocacy fund are trying to do.

Tom Campion Explains Arctic Wonder

I myself am a big fan of nature and think it should be treated with respect. I really like what this man is trying to do. I came across several Tom Campion’s that I found interesting I then created slides, I will discuss my findings further in the presentation.

There is a lot of deadlines coming up since it is coming closer to the end of the semester so I think I will need to set out a timetable for work and plan ahead. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s presentations and discussing online identity further in class.

Class 7 Communities and identity

In this class we discussed communities and online identity. Not many people made it to class so there was only a few of us discussing the topic. In general we discussed an online identity and why it might be important to be established online. I personally think having an online identity or profile is very important now a days. The first thing someone will do when they might be considering to employ you is google search your name. This is why I think it’s important to have a positive online profile especially in the design industry. Having an established name online allows people from all over the world communicate with you in an instant.

The one problem about online identities is people can make up whatever they want, it might not be true. This allows people complete control of who they are and what they do online which can be dangerous. There is pro’s and con’s to it. Unfortunately there was only a few people discussing their opinion on the topic.

In terms of the group project we have yet to start or even discuss it. Im going to try organise it this week to make a start and get a plan of action.

Lauk’s Nest + Virtual Ability Island (online profiles) – 5 +6

The start of the class we discussed the group project. It was a good chance to understand and hear what other groups had done at this stage.  In this class we discussed online profiles and employers. It was interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts on this matter. Not everyone had read the articles about the topic. I think online profiles can definitely impact peoples social life and there working life. Some people live online and find the online world can mean more to them than there day to day life. Depending on what someone does online I think it is a positive outlet, especially for people who might have social anxiety or other issues.

I think it is fantastic that people can comfortably communicate with others online. No matter what situation you may be in the fact you can log into your computer and come across millions of people online, and have limited barriers with communicating. I remember one of the first time’s I logged into 2nd life I was able to talk to people from a variety of countries. The only barrier was a language barrier, or perhaps a technology barrier because I wasn’t used to 2nd life and how to use it. I cannot imagine a life without computers and the online world, people definitely take for granted that then can simply log on and talk or interact with people on the other side of the world with a click of a button.


Unfortunately I forgot to take screenshots of Lauk’s nest but it was one of the first nature environments I came across on 2nd life. I remember exploring the space after the class ended and I found an area to play the drums. The design reminded me of Machu Picchu.

All of the above images are from my visit to Virtual Ability Island, a space for people with disabilities to connect and communicate through the internet. People who may be bed bound are able to communicate online. Gentle Heron was our guide for the class, she suffers from hearing lose and I think it was incredible that she was able to communicate with us professionally and show us around the space. She gave us a short explanation behind the design and ideology of the space. The little details they put into the space was incredible. To make sure people felt comfortable and calm in the space, the use of running water and nature sounds to create a tranquil environment. A lot more thought went into the space than you first realize.

I really enjoyed walking through the gallery space she showed us with the featured artists. I included my screenshots of my favorite pieces above. Until Gentle Heron explained the idea and concept behind the space I didn’t really appreciate the space. I really enjoyed my visit here and think it’s fantastic that people who may not be able to communicate in real life have an opportunity to connect and collaborate online with others.

Class 4 Sitearm Madonna


In this class we had a guest lecturer who has been on second life for 11 years, and built a virtual Dublin in the game. He is American and discussed technology and ways of communicating with each other online. He used to work in a pub on SL called “The Blarney Stone”. It’s to help us start out group projects and how to get more organised for it.

As a group we have yet to decide what to do in terms of communicating but I know Joe so I can easily just message him and discuss a time to meet online, using social media. We can discuss it the next week after or before class.

Class 3

Unfortunately I missed this class as I was away on holiday in Malaga. I accidentally uninstalled the game and had to re-install thankfully I didn’t lose any of my data.

As instructed I tried to get in contact with people outside where I had been before. I decided to try out the chat hot spots where it had people there. screenshot_8

The place was flooded with people but nobody was using a microphone to communicate everyone was using text. I find when I am in an area that has lots of people in it the game tends to lag, which can be very annoying despite having my graphics settings on the lowest possible settings. I could hear people typing so I decided to put a message in and it got lots of people talking. screenshot_9

I asked people where they were from. They seemed to know each other because they were communicating the whole time in text. 1 person was from Australia which was really cool they were 8 and a half hours ahead.


I decided to ask “What do you use SL for?”

I got a huge response it was quite funny actually seeing everyone’s reasons.


It’s difficult to get the layout of these images correctly. I can’t believe someone who is 79 uses this as a platform to communicate I found that very cool. When certain people joined different people would greet them with a “Hello how are you?”

One person had there SL account for 9 years and 11 weeks. Alot of the people communicating had accounts for several years. They then started to talk about clothes and complementing each other I had enough at this stage and decided to call it a day.


Here’s an example of what the people were saying.